Mar 3 2015

Anderson Cooper Brings CARB Truth to the Surface

Ooh Anderson Cooper, you’ve rocked our world yet again! As many have seen, Lumber Liquidators was featured on 60 Minutes this past Sunday, revealing that the majority of their Chinese made laminate products falsely claimed to meet CARB 2 requirements. After completing various tests, it was proven that this laminate contained more than the allowed amount of formaldehyde, in some cases, even seven to 13 times the allowed amount.

This forces everyone in the flooring industry to answer raised questions about laminate, Chinese-made products, and even the integrity of the most trusted manufacturers.

The information is alarming, but brings an increasingly important conversation to the forefront – transparency.  No industry is perfect, but open lines of communication on product manufacturing go a long way. Third party testing has paved the way for a more reliable mode of product documentation because independent agencies are more likely to produce unbiased results, but it’s also up to manufacturers and distributors to relay factual information themselves.

It’s our responsibility to know that the flooring we sell meets the requirements necessary for safety, and make that information accessible to our clients. To us, and to our manufacturers, that has been a no brainer for years.

Some of our manufacturers use independent certifications as knowledge of the safety of their products. Certifications like Green Guard, Green Guard Gold, Floorscore, FSC, and Lacey Act Compliancy show clients that their flooring exceeds requirements. Many manufacturers have released statements on this issue, discussing the importance of meeting and exceeding industry standards. We have linked to these statements below for your convenience.

The safety of our clients is, and will continue to be the most important part of our business. Should you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to reach out to us