Dec 16 2016

Celebrating 10 Years, Spartan Gives Back

After months of preparation, Spartan’s first charity event came and went in what could only be described as a whirlwind of feel-good moments.

With the help of Harford County, we were able to provide food, clothing, books, and a night out, to 42 families and more than 100 children. By day, we got busy mixing up casseroles for every family to take home, and by night we were each 10 people at once. We were listeners, bag carriers, book readers, picture takers, mommy’s helpers, fashion advisers, bag decorators, card makers, dinner servers, and parent life-preservers.

We held infants so Mom could eat dinner by herself. We shook toys behind the camera so Mom could get ONE good picture with Santa. We helped children get presents for each of their parents. We helped a 7-year-old find the perfect winter hat. We chased a pair of twin boys around our headquarters until they were so tired they HAD to break for dinner. We loved every minute of it.

We could write 1,000 words, maybe even 10,000 about the tons of emotions that sparked throughout the night, in all of us. But you know what they say about photos. Check below to see our favorite moments from what we hope to be one of many Spartan Charity Events.

Charity Event Highlight Reel!

TapSnap Photos with Santa!

Harford County Organizations Partner to Distribute 215 Warm Winter Coats to Children and Families in Need

Heartfelt shout out to: Harford County Department of Community Services + United Way of Central Maryland + Gravitate Visuals + Enotria Restaurant & Grill + Vagabond Sandwich Company + Bagel Works Bel Air + Jed Rollins Visuals