Feb 21 2018

Creating The Spartan Experience

Rounding out our 10th year in business, founder Kevin Jablon decided it was about time we put pen to paper to carve out a true mission statement.  In 2007, Spartan came out of the gates moving full steam ahead, hedging its success on working tirelessly while taking risks and leaving formalities like business plans, budgets and mission statements for another day.

In true Spartan style, this so-called mission statement was not to be formed by one person sitting in a room thinking about what our employees and customers wanted to hear.  A committee was formed, with representation from all departments within the organization – sales, customer service, operations, marketing, finance – giving each facet of the company a voice.  

Throughout the dialogue, this group continually struggled with the stigmatism behind the words that make up a mission statement.  Was that true to who we are?  Spartan has made its mark by not always operating by the book, and even in our older wiser years that was not about to change.  The word experience was a constant in thinking about what we felt set us apart.  Creating experiences for our employees, our customers, our community, our families.  Then It clicked, we were forming a statement that captured The Spartan Experience.   

We started with words we felt embodied our organization.  Passion. Relationships. Fun. Collaboration. Innovative. The Experience statement was formed, reworded, restructured, flipped around and rethought again until that moment where we all read the words aloud and said, “AHH, this feels RIGHT.” 

These words embody who we are and what makes us proud to be Spartan Surfaces.   We hope, as you read these words it gives you a glimpse behind the curtain into what make us, us. 

The Spartan Experience

Driven by passionate people building long-standing relationships through a fun, collaborative approach. Leading with innovative flooring designs creating successful experiences in everything we do.