Jun 27 2018

How Building a Business Created a Family

Earlier this month, Spartan CEO Kevin Jablon sat down with Chad Sanschargin of Cannonball Moments to do their second ever Cannonball Mindset podcast. As Kevin’s professional business coach, Chad and Kevin have spent the past year sharing old stories and new ideas, working together, and helping each other whenever possible.

Enter Cannonball Mindset, the podcast created to help people feel motivated, empowered, and able to create change for themselves and others. On this podcast episode, Chad takes Kevin back to his youth so listeners can hear the journey Jablon took to get to where he is today, as President and CEO of Spartan Surfaces.

Learn how Jablon went from slingin’ pretzels on Philly street corners to owning a company with over 100 employees. Hear how he began, how it made him who he is, and who he hopes to be 10 years from now. Feel the changes he felt when he realized he not only created a company, he created a family full of people who were counting on him.

Give this podcast 41 minutes of your time, and we promise it won't be wasted. You can find it by giving a click on either of the links below: