Sep 19 2012

Procedo Launches Summa Design Flooring!

Spartan is excited to announce the introduction of Procedo’s newest line, Summa Design Flooring.  Summa Design 18” x 18” tiles are manufactured by infusing a durable fabric top layer with an LVT bottom layer.  The construction provides the dependability of LVT with the limitless design capabilities that fabrics and textiles offer. 

Summa Design comes prefinished with one of the most durable Polyurethane factory finishes on the market.  Procedo’s ceramic enhanced PU finish, also used on their Sylvana Click and LVT products, allows for immediate use after installation and ease of maintenance.

The new line features 50% recycled content and is 100% recyclable.  Whether you’re working on a commercial office building, retail interior, hospitality or assisted living space, Summa Design is a great flooring alternative!

Want to see Summa Design in person?
Samples and product binders are ready to roll!  Give us a call and we’ll bring it right over.  Shoot us an E-Mail, and we’ll get them in the mail today.

Interested in learning more?
Check out Procedo’s website for technical information and room scene images.   Get a detailed preview of all ten design options and see how the pattern groups allow for ease of design and installation of borders, insets, and patterns.