Jan 13 2011

Procedo Versa Quartz - Granted USPS National Specification

At the start of the year, Procedo Versa Quartz tile was awarded the national specification for use in United States Postal Service (USPS) processing and distribution centers (P&DC's).

Versa Quartz tile is selected to be used as a traditional floor covering finish in highly trafficked USPS hallways, offices and break rooms. In many applications, the tile is being used as part of an asbestos tile encapsulation system developed by National Asbestos Flooring Encasement Systems (NAFES) and Design Materials (Pasadena CA). When used as part of the encasement system, Versa Quartz tile is the uppermost component of an encapsulation system that is comprised of a cementicious underlayment and an air-tight encapsulation membrane known as ABS (Asbestos Barrier System).

Why was Versa Quartz specified? Previous flooring finishes used atop the ABS lacked the durability required of the demanding environment of P&DC's which include fork lift, tow motor and heavy mail cart traffic. The advantages of a thin gauged tile with high flexibility and extreme compressive strength made Versa Quartz ideally suited for this application. Additionally, being manufactured in the USA met certain USPS purchasing requirements as well as providing advantages associated with local inventory, short production timeframes and simplified logistics.