Apr 17 2019

Ready to Cruise, Seman Comes Aboard Spartan Distribution

Spartan’s Distribution team runs a tight ship!  With five trucks and one sprinter van hauling the goods over 100 air miles each day, it was time to add another capable driver to our fleet.  Joining team Chris Svricek on April 17th, Mike Seman hit the ground running, dropping shipments like it’s his new job.

Seman brings several years of driving experience.  He loves the freedom of the open road, and seeing new places along the way.  A team player and great communicator, Mike is sure to amp up Spartan’s distribution squad.

In his spare time, Mike still enjoys being on the road.  Traveling is one of his favorite hobbies, with Disney World being one of his top destinations.  He is always looking to explore new places and see things he’s never seen before, which is just one of the many reasons he got into driving as a career choice.

Please join us in welcoming Mike Seman to the Spartan Family!


Spartan Surfaces is a specialty flooring distribution company headquartered in Bel Air, MD with showrooms in D.C., New York City, and Chicago. Its geography encompasses the East Coast from Florida through New York as well as regions in the Midwest and Southeast. With over 100 employees in 28 states, Spartan continues to expand its footprint. Taking a human-centered approach, Spartan prides itself on great people dedicated to great products, great families, great friendships and great happiness.