Jul 14 2015

XQZ: The New Face of Resilient Flooring

Check out Stoner Bunting's latest news article, featuring Upofloor's XQZ resilient flooring lines! Upo Xpression, Quartz, and Zero are quickly becoming flooring industry game changers. It's no surprise that these knock-out lines impressed Stoner Bunting at NeoCon 2015!

One of our most exciting finds at NeoCon 2015 was Upofloor, a Finnish flooring manufacturer that has recently launched a fantastic new collection of resilient flooring in the United States. Stoner Bunting currently has a Finnish client, Tulikivi, that manufacturers soapstone fireplaces, and we have always been impressed with Scandinavia’s dedication to environmentally friendly building products. That being said, we were pleasantly surprised to come across Upofloor and couldn’t wait to learn more about its new line of commercial flooring, including PVC-free and low-VOC products.

Read the full article from Stoner Bunting here!

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