1. Expanding to the Mile High, Noah MacMillan brings Spartan to Colorado
  2. Bolstering Southwest Presence, Spartan Enters Arizona, and New Mexico with Mike Wilson
  3. Setting Feet in California, Spartan Enters SoCal with Ismael Calzada
  4. Moving West, Spartan Adds Representation in Nevada
  5. Completing their Midwest Footprint, Spartan Acquires HiLine Inc.
  6. Launching Spartan Hospitality with Vincent Dimino at the Helm
  7. Acquiring Source One Contract, Spartan Grows Market Share in the Ohio Valley
  8. Setting Roots in Wisconsin, Spartan Acquires KRS Inc.
  9. Spearheading the Relaunch, Spartan Surfaces takes ECOsurfaces National
  10. Reaching North on the Eastern Seaboard, Spartan Takes on New England