1. National Customer Service Week 2021 | Fighting Fires with Solutions
  2. National Customer Service Week 2021 | Employee Shoutouts
  3. Ready to Build Relationships, Emily Joins Distribution Sales
  4. Doubling up Order Processing, Spartan welcomes Craft and Renzi
  5. Sizing up Samples, Spartan adds Natasha Burke
  6. Ready to Order, Spartan Adds Mitchell to Customer Service
  7. Appointed VP of Sales, Lacognata Passes Florida’s West Coast onto Four-Year Intern, Feiss
  8. Reaching North on the Eastern Seaboard, Spartan Takes on New England
  9. Coming in on Quotes, Rachael Ruthke Heads to Headquarters
  10. Ready to Take Spartan to new Heights, Katie Kansler joins Accounting