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  1. Aphelion Collection
    On the wall or on the floor, Aphelion sets trends with every square foot. Boasting ceramic and porcelain tiles with tons of colors and styles, this manufacturer seeks to set the bar for modern design inspiration. Aphelion's 8 collections are ready to add chic design to every project.
  2. Aspecta
    Created and owned by Metroflor, it's no surprise that Aspecta LVT leads the pack when it comes to fulfilling the needs of any project. Aspecta LVT was developed with sustainability and design in mind - so no Aspecta product cuts corners creatively or environmentally. Great products, produced by a company who knows the industry like the back of their hand.
  3. AVA
    Innovation for the real world. This LVT is designed to complete the look of any space. Backed by flooring industry leader, Novalis, AVA’s LVT is sure to shine. Available in wood and stone looks and crafted for the environmentalist in all of us, AVA is putting its best plank forward.
  4. Beyond Luxury Floors
    Beyond doesn’t mess around when it comes to carpet. What you see is what you get; tufted carpet in 26 collections made specifically for the modern multifamily. 100% Made in the USA, with Recycled Content. Let carpet be your canvas.
  5. Bostik
    Known nationwide as one of the best adhesive brands on the market, Bostik provides long-lasting adhesives for all flooring types. Even more, Bostik offers the tools and resources to help you through every project, finding the right products for each installation to ensure quality on every job.
  6. Capri Collections
    Capri has cork covered, but they don’t stop there. It’s cork like you've never seen it before – innovative patterns and styles that take a classic look and give it personality. They also offer rubber and rubber cork blends. Everything they create has sustainability and durability in mind.
  7. Centaur
    From underlayment to slip resistant flooring, Centaur has spent 25 years building a company you can trust, with collections you can feel good using. Producing a go-to for every education project, every kitchen, every fitness area, Centaur is built tough for the projects that need high durability.
  8. CMP Specialty Products
    CMP prides itself on being the solution to every restoration project, no matter the challenge. Their vast array of products, all Made in the USA, are designed to pair together to create a seamless transition from troubled subfloor to a floor prepped for anything.
  9. Cobalt Surfaces
    Cobalt Surfaces came fresh out the gate, with Hushcore, a revolutionary LVT with a High Performance Core and Cork backing to create the floor that has everything. Their second collection, Tangent, is a US made LVT with dual stabilization layers and Cobalt Guard to ensure fade and abrasion resistance. Both collections feature contemporary looks for the perfect backdrop to every design. Whatever innovation Cobalt unveils next, we're on the edge of our seat!
  10. ecofinishes
    ecofinishes is the modern jack-of-all-trades, offering everything from hardwood to carpet, cork to rubber, and everything in between. Staying true to the “eco” in their name, ecofinishes offers a variety PVC-Free materials. Whatever you want for your space, ecofinishes will cover your ground with eco-friendly flooring.
  11. Elemental by Aspecta
    From classic planks to modern rigid core, with a wide variety of design, this environmentally forward brand backed by industry staple Aspecta was built to be the durable background of your next design.
  12. Endless Knot
    Family owned since the 1930's, Endless Knot Rugs brings tradition alive in modern ways. Crafting hand-woven rugs with superior durability, each design is meant to add luxury to every space. Choose from dozens of styles created by their designers, or use the Design Tool to create your own. No matter what, Endless Knot is there for you for every project.
  13. Flexco
    Why Flexco? Well, the word on the street is their black base is prettier than everyone else's. Really, it's going around. But seriously, Flexco believes in making a difference. Over 99% of their materials are made in the United States. All but one of their products can contribute to LEED certification. With a resilient flooring alternative to meet any and all of your interior demands - that's putting your money where your mouth is.
  14. Johnsonite
    From stairwell systems and accessories to rubber sport floor to wall base, Johnsonite has spent years developing a wide array of products without eliminating the ability to customize and create. Following their motto, “you can NEVER have too many colors,” Johnsonite created “Color Foundations” to group colorways. Try it! We dare you to find a missing pantone.
  15. Kaindl
    The appearance of hardwood at a fraction of the cost. Laminate takes the timeless aesthetic of wood, and adds durability, fade resistance and stain resistance. To top it off, laminate requires less maintenance than its authentic counterpart.
  16. Kovara
    Introducing Kovara, a collection of subfloor moisture barriers designed to protect your installation, and save time and money in the process. Their developed Kovara sheet membrane takes the lengthy installation of other subfloor prep products and cuts it in half. No epoxy, no dry time, simple installation. Kovara cuts costs while providing a product that makes the rest of your floor look better and stand the test of time.
  17. Lindura
    Lindura is the beginning of a hardwood revolution. Using a wood powder compound to create a layer underneath the hardwood, Lindura has combined science and nature to make even the softest woods more durable than ever.
  18. LSI
    No matter your look, LSI can be the right flooring for your project. Their tagline is “flooring for creative minds,” and very rightfully so. LSI specializes in limitless possibilities, from hardwood looks, to grass looks, to cow looks, and everything in between. Check out the map they made into a floor. Even cooler? Turn your floor into a map so guests can easily find their way. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind floor, or a classic look that will turn heads, LSI is the only shop you’ll need.
  19. Procedo
    From Sylvana click LVT to the new LOOM+ Woven Design tile, Procedo is constantly pushing the envelope with innovative ideas that don’t compromise on performance or style. Their Versa Quartz line, with 70% natural quartz, is an education no-brainer while Sylvana’s durability and ease of installation slays the visual and physical demands of the housing market. Design and technology are woven together to produce the ultimate woven tile, LOOM+! Offering an infinite array of color and texture, LOOM+ is sure to knock your socks off.
  20. QT Sound Control Underlayment
    QT boasts superiority in the world of Sound Control Underlayment with more than 500 independent tests supporting the products performance in the field. Ideal for sound reduction in almost any commercial application QT outperforms cork, felt, plastic and roofing membranes. Manufactured in the USA with 92% recycled content, QT is engineered to perform!
  21. REVERE
    Revere Flooring offers a comprehensive line up of products including commercial carpet tile and carpet cushion, luxury vinyl tile, high definition laminate, walk off carpet tile and recycled rubber.
  22. Rikett
    70% Natural Quartz fashioned for superior strength and performance, Rikett is the Superman of Quartz Tile. With 60 years of manufacturing under their belt, they’ve mastered the art of resilient flooring right here in the USA. If you want a tile that’s got all the goods, Rikett’s your Superman!
  23. RPM Sports Floors
    Yoga, basketball, volleyball, weight training, exercise machines and more. RPM Sports Floors will stand up to the blood, sweat and tears of any workout! Get ready to go longer and harder with superior shock absorption and anti-fatigue properties underfoot. Throw on your kicks and put it to the test - RPM is ready for the challenge.
  24. Rx
    Rx products are unique because they offer a prescription for MORE. With any Rx product, you will experience a floor that is more quiet, more ergonomic and more safe. Leveraging Ecore’s patented itstru technology, Rx products provide force reduction and energy restitution in every step.
  25. Schonox
    Like most things it's what's inside (or underneath) that matters most. The heart of any beautiful floor lays in the quality of the installation. Do it right the first time and you'll never have to think about it again. HPS Schonox has been tackling challenging installation/subfloor issues for 120 years! Primers, moisture mitigation systems, repair mortars, floor leveling compounds, and adhesives all of the highest quality and all developed with indoor air quality and sustainability at the forefront. Das ist wunderbar!
  26. SelecTech
    Battling subfloor issues? We have your solution! SelecTech can be installed directly over your irregular floor. Add recycled content, comfort underfoot, noise reduction and a 100% waterproof surface and you have the ideal free-floating commercial tile.
  27. Setagrip
    SetaGrip is changing the game in loose-lay flooring. Using new age technology designed to mimic the feet of geckos, these tiles and planks can be pressed against the surface and the pores will act as millions of miniature suction cups. This creates a large vacuum, generating a strong force of suction that can hold a tremendous amount of weight. By omitting the need for adhesive, SetaGrip allows ease of plank removal, making installation and repairs a cinch. The best part? SetaGrip can cut your project time in half!
  28. Surface Architectural Supply
    Reclaimed hardwood crafted by hand in Richmond Virginia. Surface brings new life to aged structures adding an unparalleled facet of history and character to any architectural element. Responsibly sourced. Repurposed. Sustainable. Bare hands + hard work + design = Surface craftsmanship. Bring imagination to the surface.
  29. Tarkett
    For over 130 years, Tarkett has provided quality flooring solutions for education, workplace, healthcare, retail, hospitality and athletic applications. Dedicated to manufacturing sustainable flooring, they were removing sulfates and making products in the USA before it was all the rage. Today, they’ve devoted themselves to following the Ten Principles of the UN Global Impact. From Azrock VCT, to their linoleum made of 95% natural sustainable materials, Tarkett is the face of responsibly made quality flooring.
  30. Teknoflor
    Widely recognized for its durability and ease of maintenance, Teknoflor’s fame is anything but misplaced. Offering four collections with nearly 100 different looks, this flooring gives you style without lacking in the necessities department. Hospital? Perfect. Need a wood look? How many. Want a warranty? How about 12 years. Need LEED Credits? Teknoflor is your end-all-be-all.
  31. Toli
    Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl. Sheets, planks, tiles, Toli has it all. Classic and exotic wood looks, check. A wide array of vibrant to subdued colors, on it. Stone aesthetics, easy. A great track record in the industry, you know it.
  32. Trimaco
    Offering unparallelled surface protection, Trimaco provides anything your project needs from underlayment to product protection and everywhere in between.
  33. Trinity Tile
    Don’t underestimate the power of porcelain. Trinity Tile knows no bounds, creating styles to go with any design to fit perfectly in any space. From their beachy Jersey Shore line to their rustic Dakota Brick line, Trinity leaves no porcelain idea left unturned. Stone look? Got it. Glass look? Done. Wood look? Absolutely. Take your pick. They’re ready for anything.
  34. Upofloor
    UPOFLOOR manufacturers high quality, environmentally sound flooring designed to perform in public premises with heavy traffic. Quartz Tile, made up of 70% Natural Minerals, provides a flexible yet durable structure, with a nonporous and dirt resistant surface. Upofloor's Zero collection of PVC-Free and plasticizer-free Contract Sheet and Luxury Tile meet the ever evolving needs of heavy wear public spaces with industry-leading attention to safety and sustainability.
  35. Venture Carpets
    Built and raised in St. Georges, Canada, Venture Carpets has been learning and growing for five generations, becoming a leader in creating and manufacturing textile floors. Developing broadloom and tile carpet through modern architectural inspiration, Venture specializes in classic carpet with contemporary twists.

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