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Keva Flats

Providing comfortable, sleek, and modern living, the Keva Flats are  known for having the perfect balance of space and comfort. Artfully designed by NORRCosmos Rx was chosen for the fitness center, offering maximum comfort and stability. In the lounge, Trinity Tile porcelain was used for beauty, durability, and scratch resistance.

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Project Details

  • Project Address: 350 Waterloo Boulevard Exton, PA 19341

  • Architect(s): NORR

  • Project Quantity: 2,820 Square Feet

  • Completion Date: February 2019

  • Region(s): East PA + Southern NJ

  • Applications: Athletic, Multifamily + Residential

Material Specifications

Manufacturer Product Line Details


Cosmos Rx

Dark Matter / 9938

Trinity Tile

Metro Stone / 12x24

White Wash