Stony Brook University Medical Center | Child Psychiatry Unit Playground

Stony Brook, NY

Address101 Nicholls Road, Stony Brook, NY 11790
  • In House
Project Quantity1,400 Square Feet
Completion DateApril 2014
ApplicationsHealthcare, Outdoor

Caring for children from infancy to young adulthood, from a broken wrist to intensive care, Stony Brook University Medical Child’s Psychiatry Unit is ready for anything. The hospital prides itself on caring for their patients both physically and emotionally. The newly renovated playground built for their child psychiatry patients helps let kids be kids, even at a hospital.

Playguard’s Carnival and Safari rubber flooring makes a safe place for kids to unwind and get in some physical activity. The slip-resistant recycled rubber is practical and sustainable.

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Material Specifications

  • Manufacturer:ECOsurfaces
  • Product Line:Playguard Carnival
  • Details:Blueberry Pie PG62
  • Manufacturer:ECOsurfaces
  • Product Line:Playguard Safari
  • Details:Rain Drops PG51
  • Manufacturer:ECOsurfaces
  • Product Line:Playguard Safari Reducer
  • Details:Rain Drops PG51