Nothing gets us more excited to gear up for NeoCon 2024 than to look back at the shenanigans of NeoCon ’23! But before we take a trip back in time, let’s celebrate the plans we have in store with American Biltrite and AVA surrounding the show this June 10th and 11th!

A Peak Ahead | Spartan at NeoCon 2024

In just under one month, NeoCon 2024 will be well under way – the mart halls bustling with designers and architects as they peruse new trends and find the best giveaway bag. Just around the corner at Spartan’s Chicago showroom, we’ll be hosting our own events and giveaways for you all to enjoy! Check out our events below.


The first 50 guests each day will receive a 40oz AVA by Novalis Stanley cup. Skip the long lines at Starbucks and come by early to claim yours!

On the third floor, in Spartan’s Chicago Showroom, we’ll be handing out  American Biltrite’s 2024 Kodiak bear, available in full size and in keychains.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Flashback to NeoCon 2023

As Spartan busied itself with our annual tacos & margs, and spa events at our showroom on the corner of Hubbard & Wells, Spartan videographer and reps Kelli Mildren and Chelsea Puetz took to the busy halls of the Mart to ask the important questions – coffee or tea? Bridgerton or Witcher? Porcelain or Hardwood?

Chelsea Puetz asks designers questions at NeoCon 2023

Here to take us back down memory lane is Spartan Wisconsin rep, Chelsea Puetz. Take a look at our second episode of Spartan’s On the Street – NeoCon Edition!

What Tile Would You Be?

Chelsea’s first question (what tile would you be?) revealed a range of creative answers. Some attendees saw themselves as unique and textured tiles. Others preferred classic choices like terracotta or blue porcelain. A timeless and stylish subway tile in blue was also popular, along with the artistic intricacies of a handmade mosaic. One attendee even envisioned themselves as a colorful tile with metallic hints.

Design Styles and Preferences

NeoCon Attendees also shared their favorite design styles, showcasing diverse tastes. Mid-century modern was a favorite with its clean lines and functional beauty. Others leaned towards Scandinavian design with mid-century modern touches. There were also fans of contemporary and eclectic styles, while some preferred the rugged and stylish industrial look.

Favorite Netflix Series

Chelsea also asked about their favorite Netflix series. This brought out some interesting picks. The period drama Bridgerton was a hit among attendees, while others enjoyed the nostalgic 80s horror vibe of “Stranger Things.” “The Witcher” had mixed reviews, but was still notable for its intriguing storyline.

Best Parts of NeoCon

When asked about the best parts of NeoCon, attendees had plenty to say. They were inspired by the innovative furniture displays and found the sound bath experiences both relaxing and unique. The event also provided excellent networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect with industry peers and bond with co-workers.

Chelsea’s engaging questions captured the essence of NeoCon, highlighting the event’s creativity and excitement. They were a wonderful mix of design inspiration and making personal connections.

Take a look at Kelli’s Questions on the Street below!

Questions on the Street | Kelli Mildren 

NeoCon 2023 Designer Interviews







Back at Spartan’s Chicago Showroom, we came, we spa’d, we taco’d, we even margarita’d. Shoutout to Spartan’s event partners, American Biltrite and Kahrs Commercial.








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