Teaming up with Momentum Textiles and featuring products that were born to set the vibe ✨, our Salon and Spa 🌿🌱 inspired mood board is designed to curate relaxation from the ground up. Kick back, relax and watch our beachy 🏝️ hues and water 🌊 blues come to life.

This spa mood board serves as an immersive visualization tool that translates abstract concepts into a tangible source of inspiration. It allows you to envision the limitless potential that any spa can achieve, embodying the harmonious fusion of aesthetics, functionality, and tranquility. With a carefully chosen color palette, this spa mood board encapsulates the sensory experience of a spa. There are soft, calming hues that evoke relaxation, such as Momentum Textiles Alegre – Opus. In addition, vibrant tones such as the Abruzzo – Marlin textile uplift the spirits, while earthy colors such as Cobalt’s Katanga line keep us grounded, drawing us closer to nature.

Spark your creativity with these spa mood board choices below.


Cobalt LVT Spa Flooring
Cobalt Surfaces // Katanga // Myrtle
Cobalt LVT Spa Flooring
Cobalt Surfaces // Katanga // Macadamia
Cobalt LVT Spa Flooring
Cobalt Surfaces // Katanga // Capetown







AVA LVT Spa Flooring
AVA // ORBT // Star Dust
Cobalt LVT Spa Flooring
Cobalt Surfaces // Katanga // Whitecap
AVA LVT Spa Flooring
AVA // ORBT // Crushed Ice








Spa Sheet Vinyl with Rubber backing
ECOsurfaces // Forest RX // Honey Limed Ash








Spa Wallcovering
Momentum Textiles // Karat // Teal Agate
Spa Wallcovering
Momentum Textiles // Alegre // Opus








Spa Fabric
Momentum Textiles (Hospitality Division) // Abruzzo // Marlin








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