Dive into this Spring Mood Board featuring a layered palette of neutral floors, wall coverings, and textiles. 🍃

LVT drawing inspiration from the gentle hues of early spring mornings, hardwood reminding us of the delicate blossom of trees, Walls mimicking the whispers of breezes rustling through fresh leaves, and textiles providing a serene ambiance of dew-kissed meadows. As a result, this collection seamlessly marries the tactile feel of nature with contemporary design aesthetics offering an invitation to immerse oneself in a world where modernity and nature coexist in harmonious splendor.

The varied textures and patterns bring a subtle pop to this stunning soft color palette. Explore the products found in this Spring Mood Board. ⤵️

Spring Mood Board - LVT - Cobalt Surfaces // Katanga // Whitecap
Cobalt Surfaces // Katanga // Whitecap
Spring Mood Board - LVT - Cobalt Surfaces // Petrous // Hydro
Cobalt Surfaces // Petrous // Hydro








Spring Mood Board - Hardwood - Kahrs // Classic Nouveau Collection // Oak Nouveau Snow
Kahrs // Classic Nouveau Collection // Oak Nouveau Snow








WALL Spring 2023 Mood Board
Spring Mood Board - Wall - Momentum Textiles // Alley Cat // Boho Chic
Momentum Textiles // Alley Cat // Boho Chic
Momentum Textiles // Victoria Metal // Charlotte
ASI // Carved Wood Panels Square // White Oak








Momentum Textiles // Rhythmus // Brushed Gold








Maiden Home // Performance Linen // Creme
Maiden Home // Performance Stonewashed Linen // Clamshell
Maiden Home // Performance Linen // Dew








Relativity Textiles // Peacock // Gold
Relativity Textiles // Escher // Gold
Momentum Textiles // Silica Effloresce // Canyon








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