Seven months into Spartan’s acquisition, Salesmaster and Great Northern Associates are excited to  launch a new branding initiative to create a streamlined path to market for clients and employees. Although the companies’ names will remain different, the team, strategies and branding will hit the industry as a united force.

Better Together Philosophy

Focusing on the internal and external benefits of this long-term alliance, we’re coining the new year’s motto, “Better Together.” Offering increased logistics, inventory levels, and purchasing power with a goal of adding turnkey service to customers across the market.

With You Each Step of The Way

Working together, Spartan, Salesmaster, and Great Northern are able to combine our strengths to better service the northeast market. Salesmaster brings its regional insights into the contractor industry and its robust distribution networks. Spartan brings its national footprint, range of products and logistical capabilities. Great Northern brings its reliability and deep client connections. With all of these strengths combined, we believe we are able to offer more robust service to valued clients across the Northeast region.

Even Better for Customers

Bringing a comprehensive product offering with stocking positions, increased logistics, and stronger purchasing power gives customers the power of choice.  The three teams will be working together to out-service the market as a unified front.  A comprehensive flooring hub, with cutting-edge products, seasoned professionals, and timely project delivery.

Even Better for Employees

An energizing, diverse environment that nurtures growth, innovation, and career advancement. This merger is a hotbed for creativity and professional excellence, poised to attract and nurture some of the industry’s best talent.

Even Better for Vendors

Strengthened partnerships and expanded opportunities through enhanced scale and market presence. It’s a synergistic approach, ensuring mutual growth and success for all parties involved.

Setting a New Standard in the Flooring Industry

It’s not just a team-up; it’s a game-changer. ‘Better Together’ means streamlined choices, refined quality, and industry innovation. Spartan Surfaces, Salesmaster, and Great Northern are striving to set a new standard in the Northeast Market.

Kevin Jablon, The CEO of Spartan Surfaces, articulates this vision: “This merger is a significant leap for our organizations and the industry. Together, we’re equipped with the talent, resources, and foresight to become the Northeast’s premier flooring solution provider, redefining excellence.”

More Than Just a Slogan

The “Better Together” philosophy is more than a slogan—it’s a commitment to a superior customer experience. This union brings a new and unique relationship for our customers, filled with innovative solutions and a shared vision of success. As our three companies merge, we are not just looking to reshape the market—we are laying the groundwork for a longstanding dedication to excellence.

About Spartan

Spartan Surfaces is a specialty flooring supplier headquartered in Bel Air, MD. Employing over 150 team members, Spartan holds warehousing and offices in Maryland and Minnesota with showrooms in D.C. and Chicago.  Its geography encompasses eighty-five percent of the United States, with continued expansion on the horizon. Taking a human-centered approach, Spartan prides itself on great people dedicated to great products, great families, great friendships, and great happiness. Whatever you’re working on, we’ve got you covered!