Every element of flooring in each healthcare facility is crucial in promoting a healing environment. From the layout and lighting to the furniture and finishes, each detail can create a supportive and positive environment for patients, staff, and visitors. Imagine stepping into a healthcare haven where every element fosters healing. Flooring can quite literally be the ground work of every design for healthcare spaces – allowing for a buildable approach that supports sustainability, durability and ease of maintenance without leaving the vibes behind. 

Follow below as we carry you through different spaces and explore diverse flooring solutions that will knock your hospital socks off. 

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The Right Flooring: Beyond Aesthetics 

Choosing the right flooring for a healthcare setting goes beyond aesthetics. While visual appeal is important, factors like functionality, safety, hygiene, and patient comfort must be prioritized. The ideal flooring solution should balance these qualities, ensuring long-lasting performance, efficient cleaning, and a positive impact on user experience. 

Science Supports the Choice

A study titled Flooring and Patient/Healthcare Worker Safety: A Review of the Literature underscores the crucial role of flooring in healthcare environments. Here are some key findings:

Hygiene | Vinyl is easy to clean and disinfect, helping combat healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Safety | Slip-resistant options in vinyl, rubber, and other materials minimize falls, a primary concern in hospitals.

Acoustics | Rubber flooring’s noise absorption can create a calmer and more comfortable environment for patients and staff.

Ergonomics | Choosing comfortable flooring that reduces fatigue can support healthcare workers’ well-being and enable them to work longer without discomfort. This goes doubly so for patients’ comfort and well-being.

Introducing Our Product Offerings 

Here’s how our diverse range of flooring solutions caters to the specific needs of different healthcare spaces: 

Step into the Patient Room 

Feel the warmth of patient room flooring that promotes healing, figuratively and literally. Its slip-resistant, easy-to-clean, antimicrobial surface ensures a safe environment, fostering your journey back to health. It is a comforting combination in any healthcare setting.  

That’s the power of biophilic design, and Teknoflor and ECOsurfaces Rubber are here to help you achieve it in your patient rooms.  

Teknofloor Patient Room

Teknoflor for Patients

The Forestscapes, Naturescapes, and Moonscapes collections bring nature indoors with unique, calming designs. 

  • Effortless hygiene: Seamless installation for easy cleaning and infection control. 
  • Safety first: Slip-resistant surfaces for peace of mind for patients and staff. 
  • Healing environment: Biophilic aesthetics promote calmness and well-being.
ECOsurfaces Rubber in the Patient Room 

Immerse yourself in tranquility with the Ecosurfaces Nada and Aurora collection. Both are Eco-friendly, PVC-free flooring made for a healthier patient environment and a calmer you. 

  • Built to last: Durable and scratch-resistant to withstand daily wear and tear. 
  • Low maintenance: “No wax, easy clean” feature saves time and resources. 
  • Spill-proof & hygienic: Stain and chemical-resistant for easy cleaning. 
  • Patient safety – reduces risk of broken hip or concussion due to impact on floor, especially the elderly.

Both options offer unique benefits, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your specific needs. Embrace nature, prioritize ease of use, and create a safe and calming space for your patients to heal.

Kährs Zero: Safe and Sustainable Flooring for Patient Rooms

Kährs Zero offers PVC-free, red list free resilient flooring designed to promote healthier patient rooms. This innovative material delivers several key benefits:

  • Healthy Environments: PVC-free construction ensures clean indoor air and contributes to a safer patient experience.
  • User-Friendly and Sustainable: The Kährs Enomer® material promotes a healthy environment throughout its lifecycle.
  • Practical Flooring Solution: Available in both sheet and tile formats for design flexibility.
  • Well-Suited for Patient Rooms: Its combination of safety, sustainability, and ease of maintenance makes it an excellent choice for these spaces.
Emergency Rooms & Exam Rooms: Where Efficiency Meets Safety

The fast-paced world of emergency rooms and exam rooms demands flooring that stands up against it. Here’s how our options rise to that challenge. 

Emergency Room Featuring American Biltrite Texas Granite
Emergency Room Featuring American Biltrite Texas Granite









American Biltrite: ER Scratch Defense 

Texas Granite keeps its polished look even in high-traffic areas, resisting scratches and scuffs for lasting beauty. 

  • Cleaning Made Easy: Low-maintenance design minimizes cleaning burdens, allowing staff to focus on what matters most. 
  • Safety First: Choose from slip-resistant options to prioritize safety in busy environments with everyday spills and quick movements. 
Teknoflor: Built for Emergency Room Action 

Forestscapes, Medscapes & CS, and Naturescapes collections stand firm in demanding environments, efficiently handling heavy traffic and equipment. 

  • Hygiene Hero: Easy cleaning ensures efficient sanitation, which is crucial for preventing the spread of infection. 
  • Coordinating sheet and plank: forestscapes/forest plank – naturescapes/natures tile and plank sheet for exam rooms and coordinating plank for corridors within emergency departments.
  • Safe Footing: Slip-resistant surfaces prioritize the safety of both staff and patients, minimizing the risk of falls.
Palclad Pro HYG: Ideal for Exam Rooms, Operating Rooms and Emergency Rooms

Palclad Pro HYG is a premium PVC wall cladding system designed to meet the rigorous hygiene demands of exam rooms and ERs. Key benefits include:

  • Antimicrobial Protection: Independently tested to reduce up to 99.99% of microbes, creating a safer environment and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination, highly important for Operating Rooms.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: The grout-free design and resistance to stains, spills, and harsh chemicals streamline cleaning processes, crucial in fast-paced ER environments.
  • Durability: Withstands the frequent cleaning, impacts, and wear and tear typical of exam rooms and ERs, ensuring long-lasting hygienic performance.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers the lowest cost high performance pvc wall cladding on the market, easing the financial burden of maintaining high-hygiene spaces.

No matter your needs, we have a variety of solutions to create a functional, hygienic, and safe space for emergency and exam room operations. 

Critical Care: Hygiene & Safety Uncompromised

In critical care areas like ICUs, NICUs, and PICUs, where hygiene and safety are paramount, these flooring options provide an extra layer of protection. 

ICU Featuring Ecosurfaces Cosmos RX and Forest RX
ICU Featuring Ecosurfaces Cosmos RX and Forest RX
Ava by Novallis’ Vexx and REVV: Durable and Hygienic Flooring for ICUs

Ava by Novallis’ Vexx and REVV flooring lines offer exceptional benefits for demanding ICU environments:

  • Heavy-Duty Durability: Thick 22 mil wear layers resist the pressure, impacts, and heavy equipment common to ICUs.
  • Stability: Resistant to expansion and contraction, ensuring a stable surface even with temperature fluctuations.
  • Simplified Maintenance: No-wax and no-buff finishes streamline cleaning procedures, critical in fast-paced ICUs.
  • Calming Atmosphere (REVV): Optional EIR embossing creates a realistic wood look for a more soothing environment.
  • Government Compliance: Both lines qualify for government projects under the Buy American Act.
ECOsurfaces Rubber for Intensive Care (PVC-free) 
  • Seamless Defense: The seamless design minimizes nooks and crannies where bacteria can hide, making cleaning more effective. 
  • Wet or Dry, Stay Safe: Enhanced slip resistance ensures safe footing in all conditions, even when spills occur. 
American Biltrite’s AB Pure Infinity for the ICU 

Like ECOsurfaces, the seamless design and antimicrobial properties of AB Pure Infinity and Texas Granite create a powerful shield against harmful microorganisms. 

  • Confident Steps: Enhanced slip resistance provides peace of mind in wet or dry environments, crucial for busy critical care areas. 
  • Germ Warfare: Built-in antimicrobial properties actively fight germs, reducing the risk of infections spreading.
  • Occupancy ready or same day occupancy.

Both options prioritize hygiene and safety without compromise, creating a secure and healthy environment for patients and staff in critical care units. 

Nurse Stations: A Haven for Comfort and Performance 

The bustling heart of your healthcare facility deserves a floor that prioritizes aesthetics and practicality. Our solutions for nurse stations strike the perfect balance. 

Nurse Station Featuring Teknoflor Forestscapes
Nurse Station Featuring Teknoflor Forestscapes
Teknoflor: Biophilic Designs for Nurse Station Inspiration 

Explore various biophilic designs to cultivate a calming and inspiring work environment. Picture yourself amidst nature-inspired patterns, fostering a sense of peace and well-being for staff and patients. 

  • Wider Range of Biophilic Designs: Choose from collections like Forestscapes, Medscapes & CS, and Naturescapes to bring the beauty of nature indoors. 
  • Additional Benefits: Teknoflor offers easy cleaning, slip resistance, and noise reduction capabilities. 
American Biltrite’s Texas Granite: Timeless Elegance with Ease 

Enjoy the timeless elegance of a polished look that maintains its beauty with minimal effort. Texas Granite adds a touch of sophistication to your nurse station without sacrificing practicality. 

  • Timeless Elegance: The polished look endures, resisting scratches and scuffs for lasting beauty. 
  • Cleaning Made Easy: Low-maintenance design minimizes cleaning burdens, allowing staff to focus on critical tasks. 
  • Safety First: Choose slip-resistant options to prioritize safety in busy environments. 
ECOsurfaces Rubber: Comfort and Quiet Performance 

Experience rubber’s comfort and quiet performance, ideal for reducing noise and fatigue. This unique flooring option creates a tranquil atmosphere for both staff and patients. 

  • Noise Reduction: Rubber effectively absorbs sound, creating a quieter and more calming environment. 
  • Comfort Underfoot: The naturally resilient material provides exceptional support and reduces fatigue. 
  • Additional Benefits: ECOsurfaces Rubber boasts durability, easy cleaning, and sustainability features.
Ava by Novallis’ 2DSGN® Glue Down Planks: Ideal for Nurse Stations

Experience the warmth of wood visuals and exceptional durability for a welcoming and functional nurse station.

  • Realistic hardwood visuals in a range of 22 colors for a welcoming aesthetic.
  • Superior scratch-resistant finish ensures long-lasting beauty under heavy use.
  • Designed to withstand the high traffic and rolling equipment typical of nurse stations.
  • Optional EIR embossing adds realistic wood texture for enhanced visual appeal.

Choose the option that best aligns with your specific needs and desired aesthetic, and create a nurse station that’s both functional and comfortable for your dedicated staff. 

Clinic Exam Rooms: A Harmony of Function and Serenity 

Creating an environment that supports the rigorous demands of healthcare and patients’ comfort is crucial in clinic exam rooms. Our curated flooring solutions offer durability, hygiene, and a sense of tranquility to meet the unique needs of these spaces. 

Exam Room Featuring Teknoflor Mountainscapes Sierra
Exam Room Featuring Teknoflor Mountainscapes Sierra
Parterre: Practical and Patient-Friendly Flooring for Exam Rooms

Parterre understands the unique flooring needs of exam rooms, offering solutions that balance functionality with a welcoming ambiance. Their healthcare flooring prioritizes:

  • Durability: Designed to handle the constant foot traffic and potential equipment movement typical of exam rooms.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Surfaces engineered for quick and effective cleaning, promoting superior hygiene in crucial patient areas.
  • Patient Comfort: Stylish designs that create a calming and less clinical atmosphere, easing patient anxieties.
  • Value: Long-lasting flooring options that provide excellent value by reducing replacement costs and minimizing disruption.
American Biltrite’s AB Pure Infinity (Rubber): The Epitome of Quiet Strength  

Discover the quiet confidence of AB Pure Infinity rubber flooring, where functionality meets tranquility, enhancing patient comfort and staff endurance. 

  • Soothing Quietness: Its superior noise reduction capabilities offer a peaceful atmosphere, mitigating the hustle and bustle of clinic life. 
  • Enduring Comfort: The supportive nature of rubber alleviates staff fatigue, promoting wellness and efficiency throughout long shifts. 
ECOsurfaces Rubber (Vinyl Surface): The Foundation of Peace and Safety  

ECOsurfaces Rubber provides options that prioritize peace, safety, and resilience in every aspect, from acoustics to maintenance. 

  • Acoustic Harmony: Exceptional sound absorption qualities ensure a quieter, more focused environment for patients and practitioners. 
  • Resilient and Safe: Spill-proof and easy to clean, this flooring is designed to handle the rigors of a clinic setting while offering slip-resistant peace of mind. 

Select the flooring that best suits your clinic exam rooms’ operational demands and aesthetic preferences, crafting a functional and inviting space for all. 

More than the backdrop of each space, flooring can provide 24/7 services that prove your investment in:
  • Patient well-being: Enhances comfort and promotes a healing environment.
  • Staff efficiency: Easy cleaning and low maintenance save time and resources.
  • A Positive atmosphere: Create a welcoming and supportive space for patients and staff.

Let Spartan Surfaces be your partner in this journey. Contact us today to explore how our solutions can answer your needs and contribute to a healing environment based on evidence-based design principles. 

* Ava, American Biltrite, and Teknoflor may not be available in all regions.


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