Staying updated with the latest news is crucial in the ever-evolving world of commercial flooring trends. In 2024, the commercial flooring industry will see significant shifts, focusing on sustainability, practical solutions, and innovative technologies. Let’s dig deeper into the top commercial flooring trends of 2024 that architects and designers need to know.

Drop and Click LVT: From Residential to Commercial

The transition of Drop and Click Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) from residential to commercial use is a notable emerging trend. This shift underscores the increasing demand for flooring options that are robust, long-lasting, simple, and quick to install in com mercial environments. Commercial spaces often experience high foot traffic and require low maintenance and high aesthetic flooring solutions. With this in mind, Drop and Click LVT is an ideal choice.

The easy installation process of Drop and Click LVT minimizes downtime, a crucial factor for businesses aiming to maximize productivity and efficiency. Additionally, its durability ensures it withstands the demands of busy commercial spaces, proving to be a cost-effective and attractive flooring solution for a wide range of business settings.

5mm Looselay LVT: A Rising Trend

5mm Looselay LVT is making a significant mark in the flooring industry, signaling a move away from traditional, adhesive-reliant methods. This innovative flooring solution offers ease and efficiency by design. As a result, it allows for quick and clean installations without the need for glue. The adhesive-free approach simplifies the installation process and facilitates more straightforward repairs and replacements in the future.

Architects and Designers recognize the benefits of 5mm Looselay LVT, contributing to its rising popularity. Its enhanced practicality, paired with high-quality aesthetics, offers a comprehensive flooring solution that meets the demands of modern living, making it a preferred choice for many seeking both functionality and style in flooring options.

Acoustics: A Priority

Acoustics, the science of sound production, control, transmission, reception, and effects, is now an intrinsic aspect of various flooring products. This emphasizes the importance of Impact Isolation Class (IIC) over Sound Transmission Class (STC). IIC and STC are standards used to measure the sound insulation properties of a floor or wall. IIC focuses on transmitting impact noise, such as footsteps or moving furniture, and STC concentrates on airborne noise, like voices or music.

The growing emphasis on IIC testing ensures that modern flooring options prioritize optimal sound insulation, minimizing the disturbance from impact noise and enhancing the overall acoustic comfort within a space. This shift underscores the increasing value placed on the acoustic properties of building materials in creating quieter, more serene environments.

Sustainability In Flooring

Sustainable flooring solutions will remain a key trend in 2024. The industry is leaning towards products designed to reduce carbon footprints and stand the test of time. Other industry experts also echo this shift towards green materials. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of making mindful and sustainable choices for flooring.

Companies like Spartan Surfaces are committed to being eco-friendly and taking initiatives to promote environmental sustainability.

Practical Solutions for Architects & Designers

Practical solutions are also at the forefront, with technological advancements playing a significant role. Gensler’s 2023 Design Forecast highlights the importance of products conceived considering dexterity, body fit, and ADA compliance to enhance workplace inclusivity. Products like Cobalt Surfaces Katanga Loose Lay LVT are introduced to fulfill various project needs, offering durability, ease of cleaning, and low maintenance.

The commercial flooring trends of 2024 are characterized by a strong emphasis on sustainability, practicality, and technological integration. These trends reflect the industry’s commitment to offering eco-friendly, efficient, and innovative flooring solutions to meet the diverse needs of various commercial projects. Architects and designers must stay current on these trends to make informed and effective commercial flooring decisions.


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