In the latest episode of the Better Together podcast, Northeast Director Jeff McBride, Culture & Development Director Phil Carey, and Senior Vice President Joe Blodgett discuss collaboration: The journey and challenges of merging Salesmaster and Spartan.

Phil, Jeff, and Joe highlight the complementary strengths of collaboration between Spartan Surfaces and Salesmaster. Spartan’s innovative sales approach and focus on the architectural design community blend well with Salesmaster’s strong customer service and logistics expertise. This partnership is not just an acquisition; it is a strategic move to leverage each other’s strengths for greater success.

The Integration Journey

The three candidly discuss the challenges of merging two sales forces with different business philosophies. Salesmaster’s traditional distribution model had to mesh with Spartan’s focus on specifications and the architectural design community. The initial phase was challenging, but with continuous efforts and clear communication, the teams are now working more cohesively.

Phil emphasizes the importance of eliminating anxiety and fostering a unified team culture. By integrating the Salesmaster reps into Spartan Surfaces, the teams can work together more efficiently, leveraging their combined expertise to better serve the Northeast market.

Meet the New Additions to The Spartan Surfaces Team

Spartan Surfaces and Salesmaster have officially joined forces, enhancing our combined reach and capabilities in the flooring industry. On June 1st, several experienced Salesmaster representatives transitioned to Spartan Surfaces, marking a significant milestone towards full integration. This strategic move aims to provide better coverage and support for customers and vendors throughout the Northeast.

We are excited to introduce the following Salesmaster veterans who have now joined Spartan Surfaces. Click below to download their new contact cards.

Better Coverage, Better Service

This transition is a pivotal step towards providing enhanced service and support to customers and vendors. By bringing together the best of both worlds, Spartan Surfaces aims to deliver superior flooring solutions across the Northeast.

The partnership between Spartan Surfaces and Salesmaster is a testament to the power of collaboration. By combining their unique strengths, both companies are poised for a bright future. The transition of the Salesmaster reps to Spartan Surfaces marks the beginning of a new era of enhanced service, better coverage, and a stronger presence in the flooring industry.

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