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  1. Allied Tile Corp.
    In an industry that’s always changing, being able to adapt is crucial. After nearly 40 years of producing top tier LVT, Allied Tile saw an opportunity to completely revamp their product offering. Building off of their “Au Natural” LVT collection, Allied spent over a year taking notes from contractors, architects, and designers to create a collection that encompasses a look for every project. Play around, mix and match, try their custom tile shapes, and find your perfect LVT.
  2. American Biltrite
    American Biltrite creates versatile flooring without having to compromise on sustainability, durability, or design. Need to perfectly match colors for an educational facility? American Biltrite can build a pattern designed to stimulate the minds of students. Working on a project in healthcare? They’ll create a floor to aid in soothing patients. Looking for LEED credits? EVERY product is Floorscore certified. Flooring built responsibly, to help you build your project the right way.
  3. ASI
    Created for architects and designers, ASI provides the material for every space in your next project. LVT, Hardwood, Porcelain, Wall Coverings, custom capabilities, and more at your fingertips, from one reputable company created by industry leaders to help better serve any installation.
  4. Aspecta
    Created and owned by Metroflor, it's no surprise that Aspecta LVT leads the pack when it comes to fulfilling the needs of any project. Aspecta LVT was developed with sustainability and design in mind - so no Aspecta product cuts corners creatively or environmentally. Great products, produced by a company who knows the industry like the back of their hand.
  5. AVA
    Innovation for the real world. This LVT is designed to complete the look of any space. Backed by flooring industry leader, Novalis, AVA’s LVT is sure to shine. Available in wood and stone looks and crafted for the environmentalist in all of us, AVA is putting its best plank forward.
  6. Cobalt Surfaces
    Cobalt Surfaces came fresh out the gate, with Hushcore, a revolutionary LVT with a High Performance Core and Cork backing to create the floor that has everything. Their second collection, Tangent, is a US made LVT with dual stabilization layers and Cobalt Guard to ensure fade and abrasion resistance. Both collections feature contemporary looks for the perfect backdrop to every design. Whatever innovation Cobalt unveils next, we're on the edge of our seat!
  7. ecofinishes
    ecofinishes is the modern jack-of-all-trades, offering everything from hardwood to carpet, cork to rubber, and everything in between. Staying true to the “eco” in their name, ecofinishes offers a variety PVC-Free materials. Whatever you want for your space, ecofinishes will cover your ground with eco-friendly flooring.
  8. Elemental by Aspecta
    From classic planks to modern rigid core, with a wide variety of design, this environmentally forward brand backed by industry staple Aspecta was built to be the durable background of your next design.
  9. Flexco
    Why Flexco? Well, the word on the street is their black base is prettier than everyone else's. Really, it's going around. But seriously, Flexco believes in making a difference. Over 99% of their materials are made in the United States. All but one of their products can contribute to LEED certification. With a resilient flooring alternative to meet any and all of your interior demands - that's putting your money where your mouth is.
  10. Halo
    Cloning can be controversial. But not when it comes to flooring. Think of a surface and Halo’s cloned it – metal, terrazzo, glass, marble, concrete, stone, cracked ice, and more. All Floorscore certified with the benefits of LVT. Let your sustainability flag fly with FREE, a complete collection of PVC-Free planks and tiles. Feel the breeze!
  11. Hero Finishes
    Hero Finishes is a specialty flooring company, bringing to market Hero Flooring and Hero Vertical. The two brands offer a variety of materials to best fit the needs of any customer. From LVT and Wood, to Rubber, Carpet, Porcelain, and wall coverings, you can find it here. We aspire to be the hero of the project, the proudly self-proclaimed doers, who love the process from sample to custom spec and everything in between.
  12. Kahrs
    Based in Sweden, Kahrs is the oldest wood floor manufacturer still in business today. If you're looking for engineered hardwood flooring-FSC, classic, exotic, stained, brushed, you name it! We've got what you need. Ask about FSC® certified products.
  13. LSI
    No matter your look, LSI can be the right flooring for your project. Their tagline is “flooring for creative minds,” and very rightfully so. LSI specializes in limitless possibilities, from hardwood looks, to grass looks, to cow looks, and everything in between. Check out the map they made into a floor. Even cooler? Turn your floor into a map so guests can easily find their way. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind floor, or a classic look that will turn heads, LSI is the only shop you’ll need.
  14. Polyflor
    Vinyl for any application. Polyflor has all the standards covered. Even better, they have them in Homogonous, Safety, and ESD. You name it, Polyflor's got it.
  15. Procedo
    From Sylvana click LVT to the new LOOM+ Woven Design tile, Procedo is constantly pushing the envelope with innovative ideas that don’t compromise on performance or style. Their Versa Quartz line, with 70% natural quartz, is an education no-brainer while Sylvana’s durability and ease of installation slays the visual and physical demands of the housing market. Design and technology are woven together to produce the ultimate woven tile, LOOM+! Offering an infinite array of color and texture, LOOM+ is sure to knock your socks off.
  16. SelecTech
    Battling subfloor issues? We have your solution! SelecTech can be installed directly over your irregular floor. Add recycled content, comfort underfoot, noise reduction and a 100% waterproof surface and you have the ideal free-floating commercial tile.
  17. Setagrip
    SetaGrip is changing the game in loose-lay flooring. Using new age technology designed to mimic the feet of geckos, these tiles and planks can be pressed against the surface and the pores will act as millions of miniature suction cups. This creates a large vacuum, generating a strong force of suction that can hold a tremendous amount of weight. By omitting the need for adhesive, SetaGrip allows ease of plank removal, making installation and repairs a cinch. The best part? SetaGrip can cut your project time in half!
  18. Tarkett
    For over 130 years, Tarkett has provided quality flooring solutions for education, workplace, healthcare, retail, hospitality and athletic applications. Dedicated to manufacturing sustainable flooring, they were removing sulfates and making products in the USA before it was all the rage. Today, they’ve devoted themselves to following the Ten Principles of the UN Global Impact. From Azrock VCT, to their linoleum made of 95% natural sustainable materials, Tarkett is the face of responsibly made quality flooring.
  19. Teknoflor
    Widely recognized for its durability and ease of maintenance, Teknoflor’s fame is anything but misplaced. Offering four collections with nearly 100 different looks, this flooring gives you style without lacking in the necessities department. Hospital? Perfect. Need a wood look? How many. Want a warranty? How about 12 years. Need LEED Credits? Teknoflor is your end-all-be-all.
  20. Toli
    Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl. Sheets, planks, tiles, Toli has it all. Classic and exotic wood looks, check. A wide array of vibrant to subdued colors, on it. Stone aesthetics, easy. A great track record in the industry, you know it.
  21. USF Contract
    Above and beyond is an understatement for USF. They’re spearheading a vinyl revolution with the introduction of STRATUM - Engineered Luxury Vinyl (ELV) that’s 100% waterproof. A floor immune to expansion, swelling and the need for product acclimation? Some may call it weird science, but USF calls it COREtec. Recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone, and virgin PVC married into one happily stable core, available in hundreds of wood and tile finishes. Viva la revolution! Ask about FSC® certified products.

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