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  1. American Biltrite
    American Biltrite creates versatile flooring without having to compromise on sustainability, durability, or design. Need to perfectly match colors for an educational facility? American Biltrite can build a pattern designed to stimulate the minds of students. Working on a project in healthcare? They’ll create a floor to aid in soothing patients. Looking for LEED credits? EVERY product is Floorscore certified. Flooring built responsibly, to help you build your project the right way.
  2. Capri Collections
    Capri has cork covered, but they don’t stop there. It’s cork like you've never seen it before – innovative patterns and styles that take a classic look and give it personality. They also offer rubber and rubber cork blends. Everything they create has sustainability and durability in mind.
  3. Centaur
    From underlayment to slip resistant flooring, Centaur has spent 25 years building a company you can trust, with collections you can feel good using. Producing a go-to for every education project, every kitchen, every fitness area, Centaur is built tough for the projects that need high durability.
  4. ecofinishes
    ecofinishes is the modern jack-of-all-trades, offering everything from hardwood to carpet, cork to rubber, and everything in between. Staying true to the “eco” in their name, ecofinishes offers a variety PVC-Free materials. Whatever you want for your space, ecofinishes will cover your ground with eco-friendly flooring.
  5. ECOsurfaces
    For more than 25 years, ECOsurfaces composition rubber flooring has offered a diverse portfolio of flooring patterns that make a distinct design statement without sacrificing the health of the natural environment. All ECOsurfaces products are FloorScore certified and contribute towards earning points toward LEED certification.
  6. Flexco
    Why Flexco? Well, the word on the street is their black base is prettier than everyone else's. Really, it's going around. But seriously, Flexco believes in making a difference. Over 99% of their materials are made in the United States. All but one of their products can contribute to LEED certification. With a resilient flooring alternative to meet any and all of your interior demands - that's putting your money where your mouth is.
  7. Hero Finishes
    Hero Finishes is a specialty flooring company, bringing to market Hero Flooring and Hero Vertical. The two brands offer a variety of materials to best fit the needs of any customer. From LVT and Wood, to Rubber, Carpet, Porcelain, and wall coverings, you can find it here. We aspire to be the hero of the project, the proudly self-proclaimed doers, who love the process from sample to custom spec and everything in between.
  8. Johnsonite
    From stairwell systems and accessories to rubber sport floor to wall base, Johnsonite has spent years developing a wide array of products without eliminating the ability to customize and create. Following their motto, “you can NEVER have too many colors,” Johnsonite created “Color Foundations” to group colorways. Try it! We dare you to find a missing pantone.
  9. Mondo Contract
    Healthcare environments can be demanding. Mondo's offering is engineered to perform, complete with a PVC-Free composition, acoustical comfort and a surface that provides softness underfoot. With a newly revitalized line the visuals will keep you coming back for more! Kayar, a combination of rubber and coconut husks, won Nightingale's Silver Award in 2013-Better Care Through Better Design.
  10. PlayGuard
    No playground is complete without safety surfacing to cushion falls and stumbles. PlayGuard playground tiles are designed exclusively to reduce the risk of serious injury associated with falls from playground equipment. Constructed of recycled rubber, these Floorscore certified tiles make any outdoor space lively and versatile. Featuring easy installation and maintenance, bold color choices, custom design options, and the industry’s only 15-year warranty! PlayGuard has consistently led the way in advancing the technology to make rubber playground surfacing safer and more accessible for children of all ages and abilities.
  11. Procedo
    From Sylvana click LVT to the new LOOM+ Woven Design tile, Procedo is constantly pushing the envelope with innovative ideas that don’t compromise on performance or style. Their Versa Quartz line, with 70% natural quartz, is an education no-brainer while Sylvana’s durability and ease of installation slays the visual and physical demands of the housing market. Design and technology are woven together to produce the ultimate woven tile, LOOM+! Offering an infinite array of color and texture, LOOM+ is sure to knock your socks off.
  12. RPM Sports Floors
    Yoga, basketball, volleyball, weight training, exercise machines and more. RPM Sports Floors will stand up to the blood, sweat and tears of any workout! Get ready to go longer and harder with superior shock absorption and anti-fatigue properties underfoot. Throw on your kicks and put it to the test - RPM is ready for the challenge.
  13. Rx
    Rx products are unique because they offer a prescription for MORE. With any Rx product, you will experience a floor that is more quiet, more ergonomic and more safe. Leveraging Ecore’s patented itstru technology, Rx products provide force reduction and energy restitution in every step.
  14. SportFloor by North West Rubber
    Looking for a premium rubber flooring solution for your recreational applications? Look no further! SportFloor by North West Rubber offers a slew of flooring options to cater to all your indoor sport surfacing needs. With the combination of slip-resistant durability, resilience, safety, and comfort, your multi-sport surface requirements are under wraps!
  15. Wellness
    The Ecore Commercial Wellness Collection of surfaces is ideal for all wellness spaces, including corporate, education, and fitness applications. These surfaces provide wellness by absorbing shock and preventing falls, while remaining easy to clean and maintain. Whether you are in a hotel for a business meeting, listening to a lecture at a university, or taking a yoga class in your apartment building, the surface in the space should provide safety, acoustic, and ergonomic benefits.

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